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First post summer snow storm of 2018

Ahh the first snow storm of 2018. I went out to take some pictures. I feel the city was not well prepared for this. There is traffic everywhere, the buses haven’t chained their tires, sidewalks are a mess, and the…


We lost three sets today. Though losing is never fun, we should still be in second place which puts us in good standing to make it into playoffs 🙂


The season’s looking good so far!!! This was our 8th game which ensures we stay in #1 spot in our division. Three more games left until playoffs. Here we go!

Sweet Chick LIC

It’s been a while since I’ve done a restaurant review, however this spot was very appealing to me and I though I should mention it. After our day trip apple picking in Masker Orchards Tania and I decided to be…

Masker Orchards

Tania and I went apple picking at Masker Orchards today. It was great to get out and spend some time outdoors. On our way back we stopped by Bear Mountain (Harriman State Park) once we drove past Little Long Pond….

NYUrban Volleyball - Nov 8 - 2 Games

I was lucky to have played two back to back games at John Jay college today. I would have had a bit more luck if I read my messages. Apparently I was being asked to substitute for an additional game,…


Here are the games from this week. I think I forgot to start recording for two of the games. Oh well, there’s always next week.

Fall season in Jackson Heights

Tania and I took another walk through the neighborhood this weekend. Luckily the weather was amazing and the fall foliage looked to be in full bloom. I’m happy I didn’t listen to her when she asked me to leave my…

Switching to https

This website now operates over https. This means all traffic which is sent to and from this website will be encrypted. This is accomplished by using certificates issued by a certificate authority. Every time you (or anyone) requests something from…

Evening walk with Tania

Tania and I took a slightly different route than we normally do each week for our walk. This brought for an interesting opportunity to capture some great images. Also this was the weekend right before Halloween so there were a…

Gotham Volleyball - Oct 22 2018

I joined a new volleyball league called Gotham Volleyball. It’s a bit different from NY Urban as we get to perform collegiate styled drills prior to scrimmaging in the last hour. Here were the games from last night:

Weekend walk with Tania

It has been a few weeks since Tania and I took a walk. I’ve been really busy these past few weekends and have pretty much stayed indoors. Though it was a bit chilly Tania and I both decided to get…

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Church Volleyball

I was invited to play some late night volleyball at Saint Stanislaus Kostka Church. I decided to cycle there which took about 30 mins or so. We got a few good games in:

Weekly walk with Tania

For the past couple of weeks Tania and I have been taking walks. This week we went in the morning (instead of our usual nighttime stroll) since she was Tired. I guess it’s better since we get to see more…