My name is John G. I’m currently attending college and studying for a computer science degree. I began this blog in an attempt to document my life experiences and share them. I live in New York City and love everything about it. I enjoy taking photographs, touring the city, playing volleyball, and spending time with friends and family. Feel free to explore my experiences and share how they connect with yours.

Life in New York City is uniquely breathtaking, an experience which cannot be encountered elsewhere. City crowds, architecture, and its people are some of what makes New York one of the greatest cities to live in. I will attempt to document my life in this photoblog, and provide a connection with New York City. I will share my personal life, my experiences, and what goes through my eyes everyday. I hope to enlighten any who wonder what New York is like, and share my encounters with those living here already. Welcome to the Campoutkid photoblog!

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