Rip’s Malt Shop Brooklyn

While scouring the web for Black Friday deals I had stumbled upon a Reddit post linking me to this article which mentioned a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn by the Navy Yard. After skimming through one of the owner’s Instagram account (@howtobeveganinthehood) Tania and I decided to give the place a shot. After about 25 minuites on the BQE we had arrived and found parking relatively quickly.

The food was quite good! Tania ordered the Single Cheese while I had the Chopped Cheese sandwich. We also shared the Macaroni Salad. It was amazing how all the food was vegan, and also very delicious. It was filling but not to the point where you felt sluggish. It was just right!

On of the owners and I had a discussion about our favorite restaurants in NYC. He recommended a place to us which had good dumplings. Overall we had a very pleasant experience and would love to come back and try the other things on the menu. Just too delicious to pass by!

10 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Food Rating: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Overall Rating: 8/10