South Street Seaport

Written by Photography, Tania

After some very pleasant seafood (cough cough), we headed over to South Street Seaport. Temperatures were scorching throughout the day and I therefore took my point and shoot camera instead of my DSLR. We grabbed a seat somewhere south of the port. Being the curious photographer that I am, I decided to pose Tania and take some snapshots of her. I decided to use the camera with special filers. I tried the sepia filter, the poster effect and the vivid filter as well.

Gotta say, it’s fun posing people, especially when you feel comfortable doing it. For that reason I cannot wait to accomplish my smoke photography task with Tania. Similarly, I have also come to like casual shoots at work much more. Speaking of shoots, I am scheduled to have a proposal shoot at Grand Central Terminal tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the reaction of the crowd.

This time around, the port was much more pleasant. Crowds dancing to music, lights hanging on wires, food and the chill of the night make it very enjoyable. The last time I was here there was barely anyone around and the temperatures were too low to enjoy anything. Nevertheless, aside from the mosquitoes, this time around was great.