J.P.’s Seafood Restaurant

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Where do I begin with this place? Once we arrived, we thought this place would be one of those warm, friendly and relaxing places to have a good bite. I’m sure both Tania and I would agree that we were very disappointed. Valet parking took care of our car once we arrived, and we immediately asked to sit outside since the place had a decent view. Before we ordered, we were served some cold garlic bread. The bread was overloaded with garlic, oils and spices. In addition it was definitely not baked fresh. I usually don’t mind if the bread is not just out of the oven, but this definitely added to the poor food of this place.

For the main course, I had chicken with a potato while Tania had fired shrimp with linguini. Once again my chicken was overloaded with spices and grease. Also, the chicken was not tender. I constantly had to fight it with my cutlery. Now Tania’s meal was the deal breaker. Her shirmps were deep fired and huge. The pasta had cheap canned sauce splattered all over it. In addition there was melted cheese over the entire dish. It was impossible to eat since it looked a bit disgusting. Tania kept saying that maybe the ribs were good, but I think that everything at this restaurant is probably going to be served poorly.

In addition to the food. The environment was not the best. Though we had a seat by the water (which enable us to see boats passing by while having a cool breeze) we had another table next to ours which kept talking very loudly. I’m usually not against a good laugh, but a loud laugh every 5 minutes can get annoying.

I can say that with confidence that this place was one of the worst I have been to.

703 Minnieford Avenue Bronx, NY 10464

  • Food Rating: 2/10
  • Service: 5/10
  • Atmosphere: 3/10
  • Overall Rating: 3/10