Walk through Southstreet Seaport

Written by Tania

It all started when Tania picked me up from practice. I was a bit late (10 minutes), and she was nowhere to be found on 68th Street. I somehow felt that she would have a hard time. Nevertheless, I saw her circling the block and managed to catch up to her. She explained that she saw a police car on 68th and therefore did not want to risk waiting at a hydrant or multiple ‘no parking’ spots. It had occurred to me that she was a bit nervous.

Though she didn’t admit it, we spent quite some time waiting in the car and thinking about what had happened. Tania then suggested we take a drive downtown to Southstreet Seaport. After arriving downtown, we parked on John Street and walked towards the Pier. Tania wanted to visit the mall, but to her surprise it was closed. We took the stairs up to the food court level, and spent some time enjoying the view.

On our way home we stumbled into another quarrel which we had previously had. In the end, Tania managed to explain herself, and I understood her. I’m sure we’ll get past this. Everyone does.