Review of Canon Powershot A2200

Written by Photography

Image Quality
The image quality of the Canon Powershot A2200 is decent when zoomed out. Even with digital zoom disabled, once zoomed in, the image is very noisy and the pixels aren’t clean. This is due to the automatic switch to f/5.6 when zoomed in. When shooting at 14.1 Megapixels [4320×3240 pixels], zoomed out, and in a well lit area, the camera performs well. When used as a daily grab-and-go point and shoot, it serves its purpose. It also does 720P shooting at 30fps very well. Even with video, once zoomed in the image becomes very pixelated.

Build Quality
Haven’t dropped it yet [fingers crossed] so I can’t really say how strongly it holds against drops. It does have a very nice black finish and is very compact. The button layout is manageable, but does take a while to get used to.

Extra Features
A good camera to use as an everyday alternative to not carrying around a DSLR. It does not allow for any manual shutter or aperture changes, but it does feature user friendly adjustments which do the same thing. For example, when shooting in ‘Live View Control’ you are allowed to change the color temperature, saturation and exposure compensation. In other modes you can also change flash and ISO settings.

It also features fun effects [miniature (i.e tilt-shift), fish-eye, toy camera, super vivid, and monochrome effects]. The tilt shift effect can be used both in video recording and image capture modes. Video mode allows zooming, but once again I won’t recommend it. Video playback on the camera is poor (due to bad inbuilt speaker), but the video and audio is fair once played on an external device.

Overall Rating
This is a good camera in terms of bang for your buck, and a reasonable purchase if you are considering an upgrade from a current point and shoot.