Campoutkid’s fourth supporter

Written by Friends

It all started with a mystery buyer, and it turns out the person was who she claimed to be. Alisa! Thank you for purchasing a T-shirt. This was way back on August 13 2012 (2 year + 3 day later). After asking her about it she said she needed to customize the shirt a bit. So this delayed seeing her wearing it.

After 2 long years she finally wore it. I think there might have been a time in between that she wore it but I didn’t have my camera on hand to take a pic. She did send me picture as proof though (Below).

We met right after stepping foot into Hunter College. She was on the girl’s volleyball team and we shared a class together (African Studies or something like that [trying to rack up 3 general education requirements with 1 class]). We played recreational volleyball together, VBLI, and sometimes see each other during urban volleyball. She somehow seems to be at all volleyball events (possible twin?).

Well, thanks again Alisa!! Hope to see you wear the shirt more often!