We came in 2nd place

Written by Friends, Volleyball

This is my first ever Urban Volleyball team and we just finished the season in second place (Division 6). It was definitely a good season. We had ups and downs but seemed to have it somewhat together in the end. We couldn’t seal the deal, but 2nd place isn’t that bad.

I’m glad Brendan asked me to play for the team. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be extending this team for another season, but we will still hopefully see one another since we will most likely run into each other on the court (most of us play for multiple teams). I’ll definitely be seeing Bobby, Max, Andi and Brendan since we will be playing on the same team next season (Men’s division). There is a team scrimmage somewhere in the next 2 weeks in which we’ll be placed into Division 3 or 2. Let’s see how it goes.