Street shooting with Steef

Written by Friends, Photography

After meeting with Tania I met up with Steef (around 4:15pm). We met yesterday but decided to see each other and take a photography walk. We started at my house where I explained some flash functions to him. Specifically, we discussed about high-speed sync, rear curtain flash, and the master/slave function of speedlites. We stayed at my place for about 1.5 hours and then took the 7 train towards Manhattan. We got off on 33rd St Rawson and took a stroll towards Long Island City Piers.

I showed him the ice skating rink I found with Felix, and we walked through some of the industrial parts of Long Island City. I tried to take some conceptual shots and some standard ones as well.

It was great to see him again. The last I remember seeing him was several years ago. He used his Nikon camera along with the Minolta Freedom III I lent him. We took some good shots, had some good talks, and ended it all with a good meal at Petey’s Burger. He didn’t take all 24 exposures, but he’ll hopefully continue from where he left off soon (the next time we meet).