Steef’s into Photography.

Written by Friends, Photography

As promised, Steef and I met up today and set out to Best Buy in search for a rubberized sleeve for his new Ipod Classic. Little did I know but Steef dove into photography just as much as I did. We talked about lenses, cameras, sensors, and just about anything else which had to do with photography. I learned about how different lenses perform on different cameras (APS-C and Full Frame cameras) while he learned about ISO and the importance of white balance. It was interesting to see that someone I knew since freshman year of high school had developed a passion for photography roughly at the same time that I had.

We supported each other when it came to upgrading our equipment in the summer. Since Steef owns a full frame and a crop sized SLR he plans on obtaining lenses which are compatible with both mounts and frame formats. I enjoyed listening to his explanation of the development of film, and was surprised that he took classes in photography. Aside from discussion, I also enjoyed using his 50mm 1.8 lens. I grew a greater appreciation for shallow depth of field, and saw how much more attention it brought to a subject when used properly. Ultimately reconnecting with my high school buddy was great, and I hope to hang out with him more as summer approaches.