Exploring Queens with Felix

Written by Friends, Video

Though I haven’t had much sleep this weekend I thought I shouldn’t give up on the offer to go out. Felix and I met around 530pm and took a stroll around Queens.

We walked toward Sunnyside and then made our way down Greenpoint Avenue. While in Long Island City he bought some small toys which he wasn’t planning on keeping. I snapped some shots of them, and then took his suggestion of leaving them for a passer-by. I showed Felix the spots I hung around while in high school. We then stumbled upon a building with a large ten on its rooftop. I saw a figure skater painted on its wall. After we noticed that the door was open we decided to go in and explore.

We walked into the lobby to find no one there. We then took the elevator to the ice rink floor. There was a game in progress which we stayed to watch. We then continued walking west towards the city. Before we knew it we were in unfamiliar territory.

Though I attended high school in Long Island City, there are lots I still have not seen. We walked over railroad tracks, deserted parking spaces, and through streets filled with parked trucks. After some more walking we found ourselves at the Long Island City piers. They have received quite some renovations over the years. Throughout this walk I managed to capture some interesting pictures of Queens which might not be seen in the near future.