One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Written by Leisure / General

I’ve been planning on selling unused things online for about a year now. After selling some things for my boss I figured I’d get to it. I helped my boss sell probably $10,000+ worth of old photography equipment on Ebay.

The best part is that I never paid for any of the physical items I listed up. Most were unwanted things tenants in my building threw away. The PS3, for example, I found in my basement after bringing down some delivery boxes. I obtained it for $0 and sold it for $121.49! The Xbox 360 went for $100. The laptops sold for about $20 each (expected this since they were broken). The TV also sold for $100+. I have yet to sell the Mac Tower, but currently I’ve sold more than $350.

Now the problem is deciding what to do with the money. I’m thinking to purchase another Pocketwizard Plus III, and possibly saving the rest for summer spending. Ugh, now I’m anxious to find more stuff to sell.