Let there be light!

Written by Photography

After a great wedding last weekend, I decided to treat myself to some new equipment. I decided to purchase the Pocketwizard Plus III transceiver. With it I will be able to set off room lights or portrait lights. It’s only after shooting for a while do you realize how important lighting is. Not only in the sense of having the image well exposed, but the direction of light is important as well. With the radio I can communicate to remote lights and allow them to direct light onto the subject or background from an indirect angle.

I purchased 1 unit today, and plan on purchasing a separate one along with an umbrella for future shoots. One big criticism I had for myself on a previous shoot was the flatness of the light. With a second transceiver and an umbrella I can present more depth onto the subject with side lighting.

For now I will use this unit to communicate with room lights. It supports 4 zones and 32 channels. It also works on the same frequency as older units. Therefore I should have no problem transmitting to the room light’s power packs. I will test it out on tomorrow’s job. Till then I will have my fingers crossed.