Quick shoot with Felix at Dumbo

Written by Friends, Photography

I woke up yesterday with a phone call from my boss. As I reached to pick up the phone I noticed that I was supposed to be getting out of the train to hop into his car and head off to New Jersey. For some reason I felt as thought I will find a way to make it there.

I first tried calling Tania, but she would not pick up her phone. My next bet was to call Felix. Luckily he piced up the phone and was nice enough to drop me off at the Sheraton in Secaucus, NJ. I offered to pay him for the toll, gas and trip over but he refused to take my money. I then told him I would treat him to some dinner. He agreed but then didn’t allow me to pay when the time came to it (today).

We went to Spicey Shallot in Elmhust Queens. After lunch he suggested we drive over to a park in the city. We headed over to Dumbo and decided to take casual walk around the area. As we were sitting by the water and strolling around I decided to take some quick pictures of him. I think he is quite a good subject actually. We discussed that we will do a longer shoot sometime in July.

I’m also quite excited since his car lease expires within a few months. This means another car shoot. I really like how the last one turned out, and considering the fact that I now have much more equipment than I did in 2011 I feel that shoot will turn out a lot better. I shot all of the images today with my nifty fifty (50mm f/1.4 lens).