Time with Mom and Tania

Written by Mom, Recipes / Food, Tania

Headed over to Spicy Shallot with my mom and Tania. Tania and I were introduced to this place after spending a day with Ming and his girlfriend. The food is pretty good and the prices are very reasonable. The only complaint is the time it takes to get the food. Two appetizers took about 20-30 minutes at a reasonable time of day. I hope this place turns into a local hangout spot (since it’s so close to home). I enjoyed spending the time with them both. As they talked about their feminine issues, I stared into the the sky and felt grateful for being a man.

For me this was also an important mark. Today was my last workout of the month. It’s been a month since I began lifting weights. Hopefully we (Mom, Tania and I) can make the Spicy Shallot a milestone-celebration-location.