Felix acquires a Volkswagen GTI

Written by Friends, Photography

Yesterday my best friend purchased a 2011 VW GTI. A 2.0L engine, 200 horses, all wrapped up in a nice metallic carbon steel gray package. The car ride is very smooth, and it corners pretty well. I was glad to see that Volkswagen kept the dashboard looking nice and simple. I was also happy to see that they included bluetooth connectivity standard. Its now up to Felix to obtain adequate paperwork for his car and a license plate before his temporary one expires.

Shooting cars is a lot more fun compared to shooting stationary objects. For starters blurring the background while keeping the car in focus gives a nice moving feel to the image (Image 2). It takes a lot of shots to find the right one, but in the end its worth it. I also gave more effort into post processing the pictures prior to uploading them (Image 3), and the overall mood is more appealing as opposed to simply uploading the default picture (Image 4). Vehicle photography is primarily about angles and proper lighting. Always try use the sun to your advantage when shooting outdoors. It was also helpful having a rough idea about what kinds of shots you want prior to taking them.

Why the random last image? I quickly snapped it as Felix drove through traffic, and later thought it was quite appealing. I’m not sure what vehicle it is, but a black and white picture style certainly complements it.