Fueled by light

Written by Leisure / General, Photography

I miss shooting. I miss walking the streets with my camera. So I decided to snap a quick one before meeting up with Ming. I put my 580EX II to use for this shot.

I love the way the light flows over my body, deepening my shadows and bringing me to life. It reminds me of volleyball a lot. There’s nothing quite like victory after hard work.

I snapped this shot by placing the 580 behind me. I don’t remember the exact settings, but I do remember adjusting the exposure compensation on the flash to overexpose the image a bit. This allowed me to blow out the background, yet outline my body to the white wall behind me. For some reason, I also appreciate the way the image is cropped. Though my right hand is cut off from the elbow down, my flexed left palm provides a substitute for the missing parts of the image.