Post semester street photography shoot

Written by Photography

I took three important exams today, and feel that all of them went well. I decided to relieve some of my semester’s stress by taking some photographs. I recalled how much I enjoyed taking photographs last summer, and hoped that I’d duplicate my experience.

Shortly after I had begun, I managed to snap the featured image above. I felt a connection with the subject. His eyes gazing at the camera, along with is slight smirk tell a story. The tall letters (“dunhill”) on the wall complement him as well. After I snapped this shot, I was desperate to get some more like it. Though great, the rest (in my opinion), did not compare to it. Well, I’ve got all summer to try and beat it.

My task for today was to try and get Bruce Gilden styled photos. I don’t quite have the courage to blast a strobe into my subjects eyes (as he does), so I shot all the images without flash. Ah, summer is in the air.