Volleyball on Pier 6 in Brooklyn

Written by Friends, Volleyball

I finally managed to find some time to meet up with Ming. I had suggested that we meet at his place (69th street) and then take a bike ride down to Pier 6 in Brooklyn to play some beach volleyball. For some reason, our bike ride seemed much further than I thought it would. It took us about an hour to get there. Though I didn’t mind me extra exercise, we both decided that we should partially take the train back.

Upon arrival, we saw Braien and his friend Seva. Shortly after, Zach (setter from my freshman year) showed up. I was also expecting my coach to come along with a recruit. Stanley, was supposed to show up, but he never did.

We (Ming and myself) began by playing doubles and were pretty much slaughtered. We took some time after the game to plan a strategy for our next game. Though I don’t think we played solely together again (in a doubles game), but we managed to pick up a game of 4’s and play fair.

Beach volleyball (as I was explaining to Ming) is very much different from a game indoors. Beach is all about strategy, yes physical fitness does matter as well, but the sand seems to be more forgiving if one knows where to place the ball.Overall the experience was great. The courts were very nice; the sand was clean and the skyline view of New York city was stunning. I would like to return in the near future, but I’m not sure if I will find the time.