Working with photography

Written by Photography

Photography has carried me both mentally and physically. Thanks to a great company and boss, I am able to travel quite a lot. I have been to many catering halls within the city. I’ve seen the best, the worst and everything in-between. I gotta say I’ve come to love what I do. Developing admiration towards photography began during my video days. I used to work for a freelance videographer who was and is currently being hired by my current boss. I used to pick up books from the library and drool over all the possibilities of photography. I think they joy comes from being a novice. Over the past few months I have learned so much. Shooting at events, sorting through pictures and even designing albums have helped open my eye. As I’m slowly building my equipment inventory, I’m going to be able to try new things. Some of my ideas are influenced by others, but manyare self inspired. Let’s see where this road takes me.