First solo shoot

Written by Photography

I was sent out on my first solo photography task today. Jay had asked me to photograph a business meeting between one of his good friends and some of his friends. Jay had given me his camera along with one of his lenses and his flash. I have to admit I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. On my train ride uptown I tried to think of how I was going to set up the group. I managed to recall what I had learned while working for Jay during the past couple of months.

I arrived on time to meet Jay’s friend. I was instructed to wait for him up upstairs. I waited for longer than expected, but was pleased since I got comfortable during that time. I walked throughout the room looking for good angles to shoot into. I tried to avoid mirrors or any other reflective objects. Tested out the flash, camera and lens. Everything was great.

They arrived upstairs to take some portraits. Luckily they were a good crowd and we connected well. Took a couple of quick portraits without a tripod or portrait lights. There was a quick period of gift exchange, which was followed by a short conversation. Afterwards, I watched Jay’s friend talk to his guests. I took some shots of him talking and then some individual shots of the guests (since there were only eight of them). All together I was there for about two hour and had a great time shooting. I arrived back at the studio to edit the images and send them out.