Later in the day

Written by Friends, Photography

Later that day we drove to Famous Pizza in Elmhurst Queens and then headed down to the Long Island City pier. Thankfully the temperature was moderately cold so I managed to snap some shots. For some reason I enjoyed the skyline much more than I did in Roosevelt Island. Maybe this was because Long Island City was better developed in terms of living conditions, and it was certainly more spacious.

As opposed to shooting in Roosevelt Island, I took advantage of the scenery and incorporated it into what I was trying to shoot. With the aid of the street lamp, the well-lit grass and benches give a relaxing and calm feel to a fast paced city lifestyle. Also, with the grass being well-lit, the skyline did not appear to be very bright as that would ruin the dark skyline feel. Nevertheless the blue color being projected from the Empire State Building only adds an iconic perspective to the shot.