A walk on Roosevelt Island

Written by Photography, Tania

Today was one of the warmest days in the year so far, and I took great advantage of it. Tania and I headed down to Roosevelt Island for a walk, and to check on “the pink flowers from last year”. Upon arriving I had noticed that the temperature dropped a bit, but I was still delighted of today’s high of 71 degrees. Since Tania bought me a tripod I figured it would be best to take some long exposure shots.

I began with the lower east side of the Island and took some shots of the “Pepsi Cola” sign in Long Island along with the Williamsburg Bridge.Though that picture (Image 1) was taken at ISO 3200 the noise levels are quite reasonable. One of my favorite shots of the night was the one of the Roosevelt Island Tram (Image 4). I used an exposure of 30 seconds and an F-stop of 22. My second favorite was the last image (Image 7). I did not use any effects to achieve the shot, but it did require several tries to get the proper angle.