My work made it to the Wall Street Journal

Written by Photography

I had the wonderful chance of shooting an event at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall on June 21 2015. The occasion was the arrival of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar to celebrate the first ever International Yoga Day.

I had never been inside Lincoln Center prior to this day. I always pass by on my way to NY Urban games, but never stepped foot into any of the buildings.

I was a bit nervous after arriving. The hall was large, vacant and being prepared for the upcoming event. My main task was to sneak behind the Shri Shri and snap some pictures while Ravi Shankar spoke to his audience. Alongside that mission, I was also to walk around the hall during the event and capture all the different speakers, performances, and anything which captured my eye.

After walking into work today I decided to look up if the images have been posted anywhere. To my surprise they made it all the way to the Wall Street Journal (Article). What a great feeling. The article was written by Aarti Virani, and to be honest I didn’t even realize there were “2,600” people watching me sneak up to take the shot.

After the event ended I spoke with one of the technical organizers who works for the Art Of Living foundation and he told me there were thousands of unique IP addresses who were watching the live stream. He also mentioned that there were many locations where hundreds of users were watching via one IP (i.e. an auditorium). What an experience!

Here is the event: