Playing Urban Volleyball

Written by Volleyball

As one chapter of my life has ended others will now begin. Brendan, a long time friend of mine asked me to play volleyball for his Urban volleyball league. We had our first game today and things went great. We lost the first set, but managed to take the remaining 2 from our opponents.

The game was at La Guardia high school, and I snapped the featured image at Lincoln Center which was less than a block away. It was good to meet new people, play organized volleyball again, and enjoy the feeling of winning. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am for keeping in shape. The game felt like a breeze. My only complain was the slippery floor, but I am not the only one who had to deal with it.

The co-ed Urban league will last for about 8 weeks and we will play a game each week around the city. There is a playoff round at the end and I hope we place well. Depending on the game, I will try to work on things I never had the chance to. I might develop my jump serve, hopefully get better at defense and even improve my team communication. Can’t wait for our next game!