2014 PDN Photoplus Expo at the Jacob Javits Center

Written by Photography

This was my second time at the PDN Photoplus Expo. The first time I attended was 2 years ago. I went with my boss and we toured the entire expo together. This time we decided to split up since I was more interested in accessories, software, and hardware exhibits while he was more into the album companies.

I started at Canon’s booth. I used their 8-15mm fisheye lens and checked out their new G7x and G16 cameras. The more I try to convince myself I like high-end compact cameras the more I realize how wrong I am. I feel that cramming DSLR functionality into a small point and shoot camera can frustrate the photographer. I have big hands, have become accustomed to DSLRs, and can’t see myself switching. Having manual controls on the G16 and G7X can realistically only be used when your subject has patience or you are shooting inanimate objects. If you decide to switch shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO you could find yourself standing there for nearly half a minute.

After Canon I headed towards hardware solutions (raid, external enclosures etc). I stopped by Western Digital to ask them about their My Book Studio II. What happens when the enclosure fails but the drives have not been affected? I don’t remember what the representative told me, but I feel he was there to sell rather than provide resolution to problems (which is fine).

Next on the list was to check out backpacks and tripods. I stopped by Vanguard to check both tripods and backpacks out. I truly like their designs. They are simple, modern and very innovative. Their representatives were very helpful and it just so happens that their gear is currently on sale at B&H. I quickly took a brochure and started comparing their stuff with that of their competitors (Thinktank). Considering my tripod just broke, I might purchase a new one in the near future from them.

The rest of the Expo was a combination of trying different candies, seeing what other companies have to offer and grabbing different brochures. Since I have been shooting for quite some time now, I feel that this expo was a lot more productive for me that then last one. I came in with a goal and accomplished what I wanted to (in terms of seeing specific products). Two years ago I just walked around aimlessly and was overburdened with products.