Acquired WD My Book Studio II

Written by Leisure / General

I just came back from purchasing this 2TB Western Digital My Book Studio II external hard drive. Reason for buying it was because my server was running out of space and I have some 40+ GB to load from my NCAA Tournament weekend. This device works in both Raid 0 and Raid 1. I will use it in Raid 1 since I want the protection of an operating external drive even when one drive is lost. Basically, the unit has 2 hard drives built within. Raid 0 will add the size of the two drives while Raid 1 will use only one drive while mirroring data on to the second (for backup). Therefore, I will only have 1TB of space available on the unit.

I read many good reviews about this drive online and decided it was the right one for me. Another thing I like about it is that everything is built in. Meaning I can disconnect the USB cable from my desktop, connect it to my laptop, and still have all the files readily available. My only hope is that I don’t have to replace a failed drive anytime soon.