East River Ferry with Tania

Written by Photography, Tania

Tania is not easy-going when it comes to riding a bicycle. Well to be honest I did teach her how to do it, but besides that she is always scared she might fall off or get hit by traffic. We had this idea in mind a long time a go. We wanted to cycle over to Governor’s Island via the East River ferry. Unfortunatly, our bikes weren’t quite ready so we decided we would walk instead. We walked over to the ferry with some new water bottles in hand and purchased tickets as soon as we could.

The ticket was $6 each way per person and we boarded. After a few stops we hear, “Last stop ladies and gents! The last stop is Wall St.”. We immediately look at each other and wonder what happened to Governor’s Island being the last stop. We looked at the schedule (after exiting the ferry) and noticed that the last ferry to Governor’s Island leaves Long Island City at 3:59pm. Unfortunately we boarded the ferry at 4:39pm and therefore missed our ride. Nonetheless it was fun seeing Dumbo, Greenpoint and even Williamsburg from the East River. I also got a very good glimpse of the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory. I also really love how the pictures on the ferry turned out. Especially the featured image above.

Luckily, we bought some salad from a deli in Long Island City and enjoyed our meal by South Street Seaport. We then walked south towards the Whitehall Terminal and made our way into Battery Park. We sat for a bit, snapped some pictures, and quickly debated whether it was worth taking the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. After the short debate we walked over to Robert F Wagner Junior Park and snapped a great shot of us with the Statue of Liberty far in the background. We got lucky and had a sailboat in our shot as well. The day was coming to an end and we took a final stroll up to Brookfield Place before making our way to the E train which brought us home.