Cycling with Tania around NYC

Written by Tania, Video

After work, I decided to meet up with Tania. We were unsure of what to do, but decided to go for a bike ride. We walked over to our local bike shop to get her tires pumped up. After riding for a bit, she was a bit insecure about riding in the bike path (due to the cars next to her). I told her that I really wanted to go for a ride and seemed to influence her to continue riding. After a while, we were already in Sunnyside. We had stopped one more time for a debate about whether or not to go into Manhattan.

I had convinced her that riding in Manhattan was the same as riding in Queens. After 4 minutes or so, we decided to head over to the 59th street bridge in order to ride north over the bike path parallel to the FDR Drive. After about 1/2 an hour we were riding over the Wards Island Bridge. We made our way into Randell’s Island to be confronted by some loud music playing from the cars of Puerto Ricans.

We decided to head further north to avoid the noise. We rode under the Hell’s Gate Bridge and watched some baseball games in action. Shortly after we found our way to the Triboro bridge and into Queens. When in Queens. I had noticed that Tania was a lot more comfortable riding the bike. She didn’t seem to be scared of riding against traffic on a street without a bike path. I just hope she feels this confident the next time we begin riding.

We wrapped up the evening with a jog. I completed one more regular circuit while Tania followed behind. She had an incident while riding, but I hope it does not change her mind about cycling together again. I enjoyed her company, and I’m happy that we spent most of the day together.