Warmer weather is here!

Written by Photography

I finally decided to take a walk around the neighborhood since the weather was very nice. I was a bit tired from last night’s job, but I figured this would be the only chance I got to take a stroll around. I took my Canon 35-70mm lens with me.

Though the lens is well built I think the focusing needs to configured. The lens has problems focusing at ∞ and also sometimes gets stuck when zoomed out to 70mm. I’m considering taking the lens to a repair shop to have it looked at. Hopefully it does not cost too much to repair, otherwise I might just sell this one and buy another.

Even with the above mentioned problems I still managed to snap some great shots of the day. The walk was great. The only thing I regret was not wearing shorts. I don’t know if its the tall trees, quiet blocks or small shops, but for some reason Sunnyside seems to inspire me a lot. Many of it’s tenants were either watering their gardens, raking the leaves or walking their pets. What a life.