One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (Part 3)

Written by Leisure / General

I picked this up on Ebay for a whopping $48.90. I primarily purchased this item for the Canon 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. It originally released in March 1987 for a market price of 34,700 yen ($339.47). I am now hoping someone finds a use for the camera body and the flash

All three items were sold in 1987 as a kit. I feel that the 35-70mm lens is extremely well made for a kit lens (as compared to my 18-135mm). Its made of better plastic, has a distance scale, and even macro focusing. It is also a lot smaller lighter than my 24-70mm lens which makes it ideal for everyday shooting.

The mission now is to sell the Canon EOS 650 Camera along with the 300EZ flash. I personally have no use for the film camera and find that the flash is too powerful with no way to regulate the power. The 300EZ released back in the film days and is way too powerful for digital photography.

Unlike all other photography equipment I have ever owned, each of these items has a “PASSED JCII” sticker on them. This gold oval-shaped sticker indicated that the camera has passed the quality control inspection test of the “Japan Camera Industry Institute”. This sticker was placed on all cameras exported from Japan to ensure that they maintained quality standards.