I graduated from Hunter College!

Written by Mom, Tania

A, B, see ya! I have finally completed my undergraduate degree after 4.5 long years. I originally was not planning to attend graduation, but then changed my mind after I saw the “This is your last time to RSVP for graduation” email. Also, I remembered that my mom did not attend my high school graduation and thought this would be a great thing for her to attend. I must have spoken too soon because Tania informed me that she was practically sleeping through the commencement ceremony. It was quite lengthy from my perspective as well, but I had to stay up.

I sat amongst some of my friends. There were about 7 of us at commencement. Some of my friends (like Parasko) chose not to go. I was also very proud to see some of the great achievements my graduating class has accomplished. There were many transfer students with 4.0 GPA’s while the valedictorian had a 3.7 gpa. Quite outstanding. As I watched the ceremony progress I was happy to be employed. A lot of my friends were looking for work and were going through the phone/in person interview process.

All I thought of was the confetti cannons. As soon as I took my seat I saw one on each side of the auditorium. Former Speaker of the New York City Council was the guest speaker. I enjoyed her speech which displayed that every little bit counts. She claimed that asking for help was what moved people forward. On the train ride home Tania told me she would ask her out for a cup of coffee. I hope Quinn replies.

Nonetheless, this is the end of another chapter. I probably won’t pursue to obtain my Masters degree right away, but who knows how things will turn out.