Post semester lunch with Parasko

Written by Friends

I was very lazy to get out of bed today, but luckily I received a text from Ming asking me about some camera advice. He was planning on purchasing a new camera for his dad and wanted to know what I would recommend. I immediately suggested that we head over to B&H since they had great discounts on cameras for the holiday season. Ming already knew which camera he wanted to purchase (after we talked on the phone while we were still at home), so it took us about 10 minutes to purchase the gear.

Afterwards I met up with Perasko for our end of semester lunch. We’ve had this tradition of going to subway sandwiches after the semester, but decided to step it up a notch since this was our last semester as undergrads. He drove over from Brooklyn to meet me in Queens Center Mall and we ate at Applebee’s. We recollected on all the good time’s we’ve had during our collegiate careers and discussed some plans for the future. I was a bit sad since this might have been our last time seeing each other, but we both see hope in meeting again.

On my way to Applebee’s I met a good friend from high school (Pierre). We both played on the basketball team together, and had some classes in common. I guess it was a reinforcement that we ultimately might see each other again sometime. Well, either way it was a great 4 years!