I made it to the front page of another sub-reddit

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Back in January I had made it to the front page of r/itookapicture on Reddit. I have made it yet again to the front page of yet another sub-reddit. This time it is r/bodybuilding. I have to admit it feels good.

I was planning to post this picture for quite some time now. I remember telling Felix about it in the summer, and today I am happy to say it was a success. Hard work does pay off. I posted it this morning (Dec 13) and found it gaining popularity as I was on my way to work (a few hours later).

Currently the post has 322 upvotes and 74 downvotes (averaging to a likeability of 81% and 248 votes in the positive direction).

Though a lot of the hate in the comments was filtered out (after receiving too many negative votes), here are some of the positive words of encouragement that made it through:

The pose shows your confidence. Good work dude. -mina_with_sauce

Your arms exploded! Incredible progress man, good work. -SS24

If you knew a thing about working out, you can tell the guy put in the work. Give him some credit. -taniababania

Looks fairly fit in the first photo. Pretty good progress though. -BilboBawbag

Good job and congrats on the progress! -SundaeFountains

Good job, dude. -juicenx

Clearly had a base before hand, but damn man you blew up. -Webby911

nice progress -Heflar

Solid leaning out while putting on some mass (arms most noticeable increase) -candy-ass69

progress is progress. Keep it up. -seanjohn12117

You look outstanding! Bravo on a job very well done! (: -hannahmae1991