I made it to the front page of a sub-reddit

Written by Leisure / General

Thanks to Austin-style, I managed to make my way to the top post of r/itookapicture on reddit. It was with the help of the picture I took of him. I somehow knew this image was great and I’m glad the readers of r/itookapicture thought so too.

I found out when I got into work. My boss had stepped out and I wanted to check out how far the post had gone. As I opened my favorite sub-reddit, I noticed my post was #1. I could believe my eyes. It had 300+ upvotes and 7 comments. It has been growing since then and is still top 3 as I am writing this post (several hours later). Since there as not web analytics set up for individual pages, I am unsure of exactly how many people saw the images. My guess is around 6000+ (since r/itookapicture has about 73,000 readers). Knowing that makes me happy that my web server did not crash. I guess the upgrade was well worth it.

The post currently has 544 upvotes and 117 downvotes. That averages to 427 positive votes along with an 82% satisfaction grade. I guess the sock was not his only going away present. I will forever miss you pal. I snapped some quick images with my N900 before he returned. I also decided to upload some of his less photogenic shots.