Dumbo with the guys

Written by Friends, Photography

I spent some more time with Arif and Devon today. This time we headed towards Williamsburg to grab a bite. After finding a lot of the locations to be closed we just went south-east towards Dumbo. After being made fun of for using the word “Dumbo”, I had to make sure we spent some brotherly time there.

The night was warm and we stayed by the Jane’s carousel in Dumbo. I don’t know if it was due to the romantic location, but i feel we connected a lot better this time around. I grabbed my 580EXII along with some radios to take advantage of the extra light it provides.

We all enjoyed some pix and then talked about potential investments. I think this has been a common topic ever since we were in highschool. I love that though we have been separated for many months many things still stayed the same (similar conversations, sneaker talk, halal food). Even though the shoot might be awkward there’s nothing like having a good laugh about it and having a good time. That’s why I love these guys.