Some time with the homeboys

Written by Friends

Got to spend some time with the fellas today. We decided to recollect on our memories at Applebees. We met up at my house at 9pm and Arif drove us all over to the spot.

It was great to see them both again. We were supposed to hang out during the summer but never quite got to it. Good to see that they both moved on to do something. Devon is now working where I used to sleep for sneakers (Niketown), and Arf landed a job at JFK Airport and got a ticket generating system (car). He told me about some folks who work with him and I hope to see them during out next hang out session.

Surprisingly, they enjoyed being photographed. Even Mr. Joe Budden Jr (Devon) enjoyed it. Good to see that they still pack heat or else I probably wouldn’t hand out with them. Seeing as winter is around the corner, I’ll need to bring some real heat around to keep the fellas warm.