Nike Air Jordan VIII

Written by Photography

It has been a while since my last sneaker post. This time I took out the Air Jordan aqua VIII’s as well as the original white colored Air Jordan VIII’s. Yes, yes, I did put most of the focus on the Aqua 8’s, but you can see the OG’s blurred in the background of the third image.

I recall wanting a pair of Aqua 8’s ever since I saw Jordan (high school varsity basketball player) wearing them in practice. Considering the retro’s were released in 2007, I knew he was wearing the OG’s from the 90’s. Luckily, I was a able to grab a re-released pair 4 years ago. Wow!

Just checked out Flight Club’s website to find that the retro’s are reselling for an average of $425. I don’t think I will sell mine anytime soon tho. Best part is that they still have that fresh out of the box Air Jordan smell.