Bodybuilding update – Month 6 complete

Written by Fitness / Bodybuilding

Ugh! The June wedding season has severely affected my body. For starters I am always tempted to eat food at these events because it’s so good. Secondly I am almost always having to make up a workout since I had an event to photograph.

I don’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy working, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Furthermore, this extra load is evident in my measurements. I have dropped in weight. My biceps and shoulders got smaller also. I have to say I don’t only blame work for this. I began jogging moderately for the past 2 weeks. I have been running 2 times a week for the past 2 weeks. This probably is the cause of the shrinkage as well.

Gotta put more work in during July. I am also switching up my workout to surprise my muscles. I feel that the regularity of my workouts have haven’t exerted my muscles to their utmost abilities. I am also quite conscious of the fact that my right arm (bicep/tricep) is not growing at the same rate as my left one. This is evident from the pictures as well.

Bring it on July! If all goes well I plan on being around 205lbs by the end of July. I will also attempt another bench press as I did after .

– Left – 14 1/2″
– Right – 14 1/4″
– Left – 12 6/8″
– Right – 12 6/8″
– Left – 24″
– Right – 24″
– Left – 16 6/8″
– Right – 16″
– 47 6/8″
– 41″
– 33″
– 200 lbs