Campoutkid v3.0

Written by Leisure / General

Its been a while since Campoutkid received it last upgrade. As a matter of fact its been a while since a post was written. The last upgrade allowed users to order any photo on my site in the form of a print. Unfortunately, not many visitors ordered anything and I had to take that service down. This time the upgrade will surely please many.

Campoutkid v3.0 allows users to browse the site much more fluidly. The internet speeds have gone up significantly. Webpages load 4 times faster (from .4 Mbps to 1.9 Mbps). Pages with a lot of images now load in a quarter of the time they used to. This is possible with the switch form Verizon to Time Warner Cable. I have to say I am quite psyched about the speeds. Though I have been with Verizon for quite some years now, I feel that they have been very unhelpful lately. Also, I frequently see protests at their buildings in the city. Hope TWC ends up being more consistent. Another advancement was giving users the ability to purchase shirts. The Campoutkid store now offers both Mens and Womens shirts.

It has been a while since my last post (about 1.5 weeks) and I will try to resume my regular posting regime as soon as I can. There is still a lot on my summer to-do list.