Campoutkid’s third supporter

Written by Friends, Video

Oh boy! I’ve known this guy ever since day 1. We started in the same ‘block’ during freshman year of our college semester, and have stuck with each other ever since. We’re now both seniors and are almost done with our major. Paraskevas Moisakis (Parasko for short) is great. I mean, not only because he bought my shirt, but generally speaking we always have a good time. We laugh about everyone, understand each other’s jokes and most of all never get upset at each other (unless he is calling me the night before a programming assignment is due).

We’ve studied together for midterms, registered for the same courses, taken advantage of the same loopholes, and pretty much fought our way through. Next step’s marriage. Thanks to him, I was able to bring Tania to Dyker Heights, I managed to stay awake during most lectures, and even solve some challenging problems in class.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have to convince him to purchase a shirt (not like I convinced any of the people who have purchased one). He simply decided one day to do it and I said, “Great, I’ll bring my camera in”. With the help of, he was also able to purchase a camera which he loves.

Well, thanks bro!