Life of Pi 3D

Written by Tania

Met up with Tania once I got home from class. I submitted some HW online which was due later that night. We then headed for her car and drove through the service road of the 495 towards an IMAX theater in Deer Park. Since there was some traffic, we decided to change plans a bit and head for the Westbury Imax theater instead. Our movie of choice was Life of Pi in 3d.

This was my second time watching a 3d movie since probably 2005 or so. I think it was also my second time in the theater since the beginning of the year. We arrive 5 minutes before the movie begun, purchased popcorn, a drink, and were headed for theater 8.

I was a bit concerned that the glasses would irritate me (just as they did in 2005). Thankfully, the glasses have come quite far from their red/blue shade per eye style. The movie was a bit more enjoyable in 3D, but only during certain scenes. Altogether, the movie was well directed. I was engaged, and hopeful for the boy’s survival. His connection with the tiger throughout the movie grew stronger throughout the movie. As he proceeds to state, they kept each other alive. Something made me feel that the tiger never existed, but was a figment of his imagination (i.e. God).

I thought it would be great to get some shots of us with our 3D glasses. I have to say the first shot we took was done with very little preparation; I had my glasses off and Tania’s facial expression was without expression. Luckily, the next couple of pictures turned out better.