Quadruple sucess

Written by Tania

After our first win of the season (against Medgar Evers), Tania and I had met up for a planned visit to the movie theater. We finally used the AMC readmit pass. We purchased tickets for Contraband which started at 11:25am, and left the the theater at 8:00pm. Four movies. Contraband, Chronicle, Man on a ledge, and The Grey were all crammed into one movie visit. Best of all we hadn’t paid a single cent for any of it.

Chronicle was a fair movie, while Contraband, Man on a ledge, and the Grey were all really good. My favorites were Contraband and the Grey. The level of realism in each movie was very humerus at times. For example, in The Grey, a man jumped a 30ft gap onto a tree and lost about 5 ft (in altitude) from his original location. Man on the ledge and Contraband had too many perfectly timed moments (characters fleeing a room milliseconds before someone walked in)

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the experience, and I’m happy we managed to make it into each movie. Can’t wait to see Safe House, which features Denzil Washington, in a week or two.