Foods of New York

Written by Recipes / Food

With all the places to eat in New York City, it’s sometimes difficult to know which to chose. I have decided to look through yelp to find some of the best places for sweets, lunch, and dinner. Tania and I frequently find ourselves in the mood to try something new, but are too hungry to patiently look for a good place to grab a bite. I’ve decided to make this list before our hunger takes control of our food choices.

a) We cannot eat at two places during one day
b) We need to follow the list in sequential order. This way we won’t waste time choosing a location.

I will keep each category to a maximum of 6 items. Below is the list:

1) Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
2) Billy’s Bakery
3) Butter Lane
4) Baked – Brooklyn
5) The Cinnamon Snail
6) Wafels & Dinges

1) Shake Shack
2) Taim Falafel & Smoothie Bar
4) Chelsea Market
3) Dos Toros Taqueria
5) The Kati Roll Company
6) Artichoke

1) Villa Brazil Cafe Grill – Buffet
2) Lombardi’s Pizza
3) Artichoke Basille’s Pizza (Rule b broken)
4) Banh Mi Saigon
5) 5 Guys
6) Tandoor