Villa Brazil Cafe Grill

Written by Recipes / Food, Tania

Tania and I met up the day before thanksgiving to try the first place on our Foods of New York List. We headed over to Villa Brazil Cafe Grill in Astoria to try some authentic Brazilian food.

We liked the atmosphere once we entered and noticed an empty table next to the buffet stand. We immediately headed towards it since we knew we would be sampling quite a lot (since it was a buffet). Much to our surprise, after asking about how to pay for our meal, we were informed that each plate must be weighed. Not bad we thought, so we grabbed a plate and headed over to fill it with food.

We saw a grill over at the buffet station which had many different kinds of meats and sausages. I had some beef sirloin with chicken sausage and Tania had just the sirloin. We both added some rice to our meal along with other foods.

After our selection we headed over to the cashier. This was the bad part. Though it wasn’t expensive it still felt inconvenient to have to weigh our food everything we wanted to add something to the plate. But the quality was pretty good considering the price. My sausage tasted great, and Tania agreed (pun intended).

Since it was a buffet, there was no actual food service. If one wanted a beverage or side dish then they would have to walk up to the cashier to purchase it. No bills, receipts of tips of any sort. Overall, the food was pretty good though. Though it was a buffet it was fresh and the bowls of food were regularly replaced.

4312 34th Ave # A Long Island City, NY 11101

Food Rating: 7/10
Service: N/A
Atmosphere: 7/10
Overall Rating: 6/10