Breakfast with Tania

Written by Tania

Tania had offered to treat me to some breakfast. I had an Indian Bar Mitzvah yesterday for three kids, and came home a little late. The thought of breakfast with Tania made it a lot easier to wake up in the morning. We met up around 9am. After calling Tania several times and her not replying, I figured it would be best if I walked over to her building, to pick her up. I arrived about 5 minutes before she departed. We walked over to her car and headed to breakfast.

I sent Tania a list of places to eat the previous day. She had mentioned that she wanted to eat something new and I decided to help her out with some options. She decided on Terrace Diner which was located in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. Though it was rated very well online, I feel that it was just a regular diner. We both ordered omelettes and had with a warm morning drink. The one thing I did enjoy very much was their hot chocolate. It had small chunks of chocolate and cream on the top. Both of which are a plus for a person with a sweet tooth.

After eating, we decided to head over to Panera Bread. We each got one sweet and some tea. We figured since it was such a beautiful day we would enjoy the drinks by a nearby bay. We headed up to Fort Totten park, but did not like the location very much. We changed our minds and drove down to the Long Island City Pier (can’t go wrong there).

We ate our treats and discussed the area of Long Island City. We both love the area very much. Tania was mentioning to me that since the area is developing, flipping houses would make for a good source of income. I agreed with her, but told her that it might be a tedious task. She then started reminiscing our trip to Lake Gorge. She was trying to convince me that we should take a day trip down there sometime in the fall (for the foliage).

After enjoying the view at the pier, Tania drove me home and I picked up my work clothes and my camera gear. She then drove me down to the World Trade Center in order for me to catch the path train towards the Hyatt in Jersey City. What a great morning!