2012 Summer trip to Lake George New York (Day 1)

Written by Nature, Tania, Video

We actually left for Lake George yesterday at around 10:25pm. I decided that if we got the car in the evening (instead of mid-day) then we would be able to have a full day of leisure on our last day. After signing paperwork we were given the keys to a Chevy Aveo. I was a bit unsatisfied by the color of the car, and we soon found out that the car had some issues as well. This 4 cylinder, revving machine took about 15 seconds to speed up to 60mph. It was terrible on inclines and shook at high speeds (wheel alignment was off). We drove for about 2 hours and took a rest stop somewhere along the I-87. We hopped out of the car to use the restroom and then returned for some rest before we continued our journey. Tania napped for about 1.5 hours, and after that we headed north to Lake George.

We arrived at our exit around 6am. Luckily, we were able to find a diner which was open in order to grab some breakfast. Our first meal was at the Prospect Mountain Diner at Lake George. After looking through the menu, we learned that the diner was rebuilt due to a fire it had a few years ago. The place was very welcoming. It had a stereo jukebox at every table, nice waiters, and windows which allowed the morning light to shine through. We ate thinking of the fun time we had ahead of us. After about 30 minutes or so, we made our way down to the southern most part of Lake George. We then drove north-west trying to explore the Adirondack Mountain area.

We first stopped in the Warrensburg area after seeing a colorful mural. We snapped a picture and continued west towards the Hudson. The roads were long, curvy, and had the smell of fresh pine. The ride through the woods itself was very relaxing. We saw several signs for rest stops and decided to stop at one. We stopped along a river and made our way into it. It was filled with rocks, but was crystal clear with soothing sounds. We walked along its banks to discover that it was quite shallow. It was impossible to get more than your ankles wet, yet Tania was a bit nervous while walking on the rocks.

A bit further upstream, we discovered a deeper portion. We weren’t desperate to go swimming, but decided to keep this location in mind in case we did not discover anything else. We drove for a bit more and then decided to head back to the town of Lake George.

It was about an hour before check-in (into the hotel), but we decided to see if our room was ready. To our advantage, the room was ready. We received our keys, and dropped off our bags in order to keep exploring the town. Lake George had a village area located on it’s southern bank. This is pretty much the main town. We decided to start there. We walked along Canada street and discovered some restaurants and sweet shops. Christie’s lane lead us to Christie’s restaurant. It was a spot with lake side views and on a 2nd floor patio. We were immediately drawn in. After the meal we decided to stop by one of the sweet shops we had seen before eating.

Nina’s sweet shop seemed, well, sweet. We walked in and were unsure of what we wanted to eat. Everything looked good. Warm cookies, different pastries, and even cakes were before us. I ordered a pastry only to change my mind into buying a slice of cake. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

We decided to head up to Prospect mountain to get a better view of the lake and to burn off some calories. We drove up to its first level and noticed that there was a trail to the side of the parking area. I convinced Tania that it would be worth trying to see where the trail leads. It lead to a huge rock in the mountain which overlooked the highway and the surrounding area. I set up the tripod and snapped some images.

We then hiked back to the car and proceeded to stage two of prospect mountain. We arrived at stage two and saw about two people there. I waited until they left in order to snap an image. About 10 seconds after they left, a van arrived with 20 individuals in it. They quickly surrounded the area and made it impossible to get a good picture. I decided to take a video of the lake instead.

We decided to skip stage three of the climb since it was too close to stage 2. We revved up the mountain and made it to stage three with some gas to spare. The view was breathtaking. The elevation allowed us to see beyond the lake and the mountains which surrounded it. I decided to take a picture similar to the statue of Jesus the Redeemer in Brazil. We also took a couple pictures there and then made our way down the mountain.

We headed to Rite Aid to buy some refreshments to enjoy in the hotel as the night came upon us. We fell asleep around 10pm and both felt that the first night was going to be the best sleep we had.