Prints from NCAA Volleyball weekend

Written by Friends, Volleyball

I had developed my photos from the disposable point and shoot camera given to me at the 2012 Inaugural NCAA Men’s Volleyball Tournament. Thankfully, I used flash throughout each exposure. Chris told me that his roll ended up dark for some reason. I’m glad mine worked out.

I gotta admit. This is the best group of guys I have ever spent a season with. Like all teams we do have tension at times, but throughout the year I have seen us progress beyond what I had imagined. Winning all those games, defeating Stevens, and other great moments helped pave the way for us. I am proud to say that I was a part of the first ever NCAA team to make it to the division III semifinal match.

Looking at these images, I recall all the fun we’ve had throughout the season (not only form winning games), and I will approach next year with similar expectations.