Our winning streak continues

Written by Video, Volleyball

We (currently ranked 12th) finished the week by playing SUNYIT again as well as Stevens (Ranked 5th nationwide). We got off to a weak start with SUNYIT at 9am, but still managed to beat them in three sets. I guess it was a bit challenging to play a scrappy team that early in the morning. SUNYIT later played Stevens at 11am and also had some good rallies with them.

The main event started shortly before 1pm. Since it was senior night, we first awarded our seniors (Christopher Newcomb, Jerin Kallickal, Brendan Feng, Eric Barty, and Carl Skonberg) by giving them new NCAA volleyballs (which we later all signed during lunch). Stevens took the first set from us. I remember switching benches to see their head coach’s proud face as we crossed paths. I’m sure he never thought we would beat them. We then took the 2nd and 3rd sets away from them. Somehow they managed to win the fourth set only to lose to us in the fifth with a score of 20-18.

This leaves us on a current winning streak of 19 games. Our next chance to gain another win will be during CUNYAC quarterfinals. Hopefully, we could make it past 20 consecutive wins. Go Hawks!